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Merzouga is a small Moroccan city located in the Sahara Desert, near the Algerian border. Merzouga opens on erg Chebbi, an immense expanse of sand dunes in the north of the city. To the west is Dayet Srji, a seasonal salt lake, often dry in summer. When it fills again, it attracts a wide variety of migratory birds and desert, including warblers, nightjars and, sometimes, flamingos.

Weather: 32 ° C, wind SW at 10 km / h, 14% humidity
Coordinates: 31 ° 05 ’57 « North, 4 ° 00′ 42 » West
Province: Province of Errachidia

Famous dunes

Ancient history and settlement.

Merzouga is famous for its dunes, the highest in Morocco. The village is indeed the largest Erg erg Chebbi erg Morocco.

Merzouga has become a major tourist attraction for this region of Morocco, allowing the development of a hotel industry, both locally and in nearby Errachidia and Erfoud.

Merzouga has also been known by students from France and Europe for more than a decade to be the starting point for the famous student Raid, the 4L Trophy, which installs its bivouac every year with its 1,200 cars.

The activities proposed to the tourists are the camel trek, the bivouac in the desert, the quad, and, the summer, the arenotherapy (or sand bath) also called psammatotherapy.

The equilibrium of the Merzouga site is threatened by the anarchic construction of hotels, tourist overcrowding and the development of « motor sports » (quad).

This hotel tourism has an ecological impact: overexploitation of water resources and non-compliance with sewage treatment rules.

Tourists come to Merzouga to go camel trekking and to experience the quiet stillness and immensityof the desert and the stars at night followed by the sunrise and sunset which is an amazing experience. Local berber tribesman can peform dances and their traditional music and tourists can spend the night in tented camping areas sampling traditional Moroccan cuisine and music by the camp fire.

Sahara activities

Make sure you get a turban before setting out into the desert as protection from the heat and the dust.Carry a water bottle and ensure you secure the best bargains for your trips into the desert and pay attention to what is and is not provided.

Merzouga has a number of guest houses and riads if spending the night in a bivouac is not your choice. There are about 50 guest houses of varying categories along the sand dunes, and most of them own camels and can arrange for an extended trek, bird watching and other Sahara activities.

Other activities include trips into the desert by4X4 ,quad biking,hot air ballooning and sand skiing. You can bird watch around the Dayet Srji where there is a lake with flamingos. The Dayet Srji is a salt water lake and offers excellent bird viewing with lots of Egrets, Storks and Shelducks.

The summer months from June to September Merzouga can very hot during the day,, temperatures average around 115 Fahrenheit (45 C) during the summer and it’s obviously very dry. Nights in the desert do get much colder however and you’ll need a good jacket and pullover even if it is swelteringly hot during the day. If you do visit Merzouga during summer months find a hotel with a swimming pool.In March and April there are sandstorms as the Sirocco whips up. The best time to visit is from October to February.